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Pharus comes from “Pharos”, an island close to Alexandria, which originated the word “lighthouse” in several idioms. That’s because, approximately in 280 B.C., a lighthouse was built right in the center of the island to guide all the oncoming vessels. A flame of fire burned nonstop inside it. And the light of Pharos illuminated the path of those who, since that time, had the courage and the knowledge to sail out to sea.


A brand only makes sense to people when it sails guided by its own light.

Because an idea can only shine in the eyes if a spark ignites from little or everything we are.

Talking about us, we are Pharus Bright Design. The design that is born with a clear purpose and is able to transform because it shapes the brand’s reason of being.

The idea that shines because drives the sense of sight and gets answers that are only given to those who know how to ask.

Every project gets a dedicated team, a new plan, a specific way to be carried out. A creative process and a set of work, with a strategic look, not a linear one.

It is about enlightening the essence of each brand and knowing what deserves to be seen. Because the sum of the parts and of everything we are is what sheds new light on every thing we do.

That’s why we are bright design. The light of what’s new, the idea that shines, the design with a clear purpose.


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We are the Alexandria group’s design and innovation agency.
From Alexandria, we inherited the strategic thinking with a purpose. The vocation to seek answers that are only given to those who know how to ask. We conceive design with a clear purpose in people’s lives and work innovation based on the brand’s strategy. Our insights are revealed in the design that charms, but also works. We discover ideas that make sense because they reflect the very light of each brand.

Pharus Co-Founder and Partner.
Before creating Pharus, he led Alexandria’s Strategic Innovation department. He also worked as Innovation Manager at Havaianas and was responsible for the communication of Levi’s in Latin America. He worked with Innovation at Unilever, and before, was Art Director at J. W. Thompson. He is post-graduated in Marketing Strategy and Branding from New York University and attended an extension course in Image Consulting at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Pharus Co-Founder and Partner.
She currently leads the companies of Alexandria group. She was Global Marketing VP at Unilever, where she led the company’s Consumer Research and Innovation Lab for the Home and Personal Care categories in Latin America. She has more than 15 years of experience in Marketing in Brazil, Italy, Spain and Argentina, in companies such as Kellogg’s, Kraft, Heineken and Johnson & Johnson. She attended a MBA course at Bocconi University, in Italy, and is graduated in Semiotics and Literature from Buenos Aires University.

We conceive innovation through brand strategy and believe in the insights that work in real life. So, we discover ideas that reflect the brand’s essence and make sense in people’s lives. And those are the ones that enlighten the projects we are involved in.

What we do:
- Design and product trends
- Development of new products and services
- Development of prototypes
- Activation ideas
- Innovation pipelines
- Co-creative workshops

We conceive design with a clear purpose in people’s lives. We develop a design that is bright in its form and, to people, is consistent in terms of meanings. So, our ideas are enlightened in a design that charms, but also works. We translate our knowledge into insights and our insights into design.

What we do:
- Visual identity
- Brand language
- Brandbook
- Packaging design
- Environmental design
- Editorial design

We have a creative network and assemble a different team for each project. Additionally to the designers and innovation consultants, the foundation of all works, our network is also composed of photographers, illustrators, visual artists, anthropologists and writers. We look at the questions from various points of view. And the sum of all these experiences and views sheds light on every single project.

We inherited Alexandria’s strategic consultancy profile and, therefore, we created a methodology and workplan with strategic focus. We add to this process the innovation and design, since they are the reflect of our ideas, which gives light and shape to our work. They are the final product of an intelligent planning process that is part of our essence.

We believe in tailor-made design, in the magic of the ideas that first merge on paper. We restored the handmade and the artisanal. The brightness of our design also reveals the talent of each person involved in the creative process. And each project requires a different style of drawing, of professional, of light.

We create for people and in the light of them. We talk to consumers, watch their behavior, investigate their desires, provoke new questions. We analyze each fraction of behavior able to produce insights that, later, are transformed into design: it connects to people because it originates from them.

We don’t follow the logic of brief, creative development and approval. This doesn’t make much sense to us. We work in a non-linear creative process that flows in several directions and involves the client from beginning to end. In the team of experts’ presentation, in the generation of first inputs, in the participation in workshops: the client is the essential and co-creative part of our work. We bring out the insights that guide the brands in order for them to sail with their own light.

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Bright Network

We believe that a design and innovation work only shines in the eyes and sheds new light on the market when is fruit of a dynamic creative process, composed of constant exchanges between creative minds in their various fields of expertise.

We value experimentation and new processes because they lead us to unexplored territories, where the most innovative ideas shine.

So, additional to our permanent team composed of innovation consultants and designers, we also work together with other members of the Pharus Bright Network throughout the process. This is our network that includes experts in several creative fields. Photographers, illustrators, visual artists, architects, anthropologists and writers. Each member lends his/her brightness to our process and helps us to exceed expectations in every new project, every new solution.

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